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doTERRA Essential Oils

I cherish the day I learned about essential oils about 6 years ago. I thought I knew something about them because I had been to a spa that smelled like lavender which felt relaxing. What an amateur I was!  There is so much to these oils than that.  I found that I could manage just about any health challenge in my family from the seasonal itchy eyes to tummy aches and trouble sleeping. 

Just like when i discovered good nutrition, these oils changed the way I took care of my family and became a part of my daily routine.  This is not to say any old oils you find at the drug store will do.  The quality, purity and efficacy of doTERRA essential oils is unmatched.  

I work with each individual to help you choose the oils that will address your health concerns safely and effectively- without unwelcome side effects! 

Whether you are struggling with:

muscle or joint aches and pains

digestive discomfort



anxious or nervous feelings

lack of focus

I will show you how you can take control of your health and find relief from these and tons of other health challenges

There is a lot to learn about using essential oils and I am here to guide you.

Learn how to take control of your health and try your own oils here: